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Ukrainian army failed in counterattack, Russian president claims

صدر پوتن

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Ukraine’s counter-attack "”has failed,” he said during a meeting with his close ally Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

It is the first meeting between the two figures in Putin’s hometown of St. Petersburg since the Wagnerian uprising in Russia last month. The President of Belarus, Lukashenko, played an important role in ending this armed rebellion.

Regarding the attack by the Russian army on the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa, President Putin told his Belarusian counterpart that the Ukrainian counterattack to push back the Russian forces from Ukraine has failed.

A foreign news agency According to the report Lukashenko said that no counter-attack could be carried out, but it has failed. He said they were mercenaries of Russia’s Wagner militia in central Belarus "”Hosting”.

Wagner’s presence in Belarus has rattled EU and NATO member Poland, which has fortified its border.

Both Putin and Lukashenko accused Warsaw of harboring territorial ambitions over Ukraine and Belarus, with the Belarusian strongman issuing a veiled threat.

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