Ukrainian army denies shooting at Russian border post

The Ukrainian army denied on Monday having fired at a border post used by the Russian security services (FSB), and accused Moscow of spreading "false information".

"We cannot prevent them from producing this false information, but we can always emphasize that we do not fire on civilian infrastructure or on any territory in the Rostov region or whatever."Ukrainian military spokesman Pavlo Kovalshuk told reporters.

"There was no artillery fire on the occupying forces"added the spokesman.

Russia earlier accused Ukrainian forces of shelling a Russian border post, destroying a structure without causing any casualties.

"On February 21 at 09:50 am, an unidentified shell fired from the territory of Ukraine destroyed the border guards’ duty station in the Rostov region, at a distance of about 150 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border."indicated the FSB, quoted by Russian news agencies.

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