Ukraine war: 30 dead and 88 injured in Zaporizhia strike, Ukrainian police say

The strike on a column of civilian cars on the border between the Ukrainian zone and the Russian-occupied zone in the Zaporizhia region of southern Ukraine left at least 30 dead and 88 injured, according to a new report communicated Friday by the Ukrainian police. “30 dead and 88 injured in another Russian war crime in Zaporizhia”Ukrainian police chief Igor Klimenko said on Facebook. “Among those killed are two children: an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy”he added, specifying that“a 3-year-old girl was also injured”.

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The previous report, established earlier in the day by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, reported at least 25 dead and 50 injured. The strike took place near the town of Zaporizhya, not far from a crossing point between the part of the region controlled by the Ukrainians and that occupied by the Russian army.

“Loss” within the police

Russians and Ukrainians accused each other of the bombardment, with both sides posting photos of vehicles with blown windows and lifeless bodies on social media.

On Facebook, Igor Klimenko deplored significant “losses” within its teams, with one dead and 27 injured, including “four in serious condition”. According to the head of the Ukrainian police, 80 specialists, including investigators, are already on the site to collect material elements on the origin of the strike. A crater several meters deep was notably visible, noted an AFP journalist.

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