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Ukraine Set to Join EU as Negotiations Progress

Negotiations begin to join Ukraine to the EU: Zelensky celebrates, Putin dissatisfied

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, welcomed the start of his country’s accession negotiations with the European Union next week. The development has been met with resistance from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is firmly opposed to the expansion of NATO and the EU towards the east.

The European Commission announced that it is ready to begin accession talks with Ukraine, following the country’s completion of required reforms.

Zelensky expressed his excitement on social media, stating that millions of Ukrainians and generations of his people are realizing their European dream. He added that Ukraine is returning to Europe, where it has historical ties, as a full member of the European community.

The news was announced through a Twitter post by Zelensky, which has garnered attention. The tweet read that 27 EU member states have approved the negotiating framework necessary to begin EU accession negotiations with Ukraine. Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the EU Council and the European Commission for their support and cooperation.

A Major Milestone

The decision marks a significant achievement for Zelensky, who has prioritized European integration since the Russian invasion in 2022. The move is seen as a major step forward for Ukraine’s relations with the EU, and a significant blow to Russian influence in the region.

Russian President Putin has been vocal in his opposition to Ukraine’s bid to join the EU and NATO, warning that Russia would “end its war” if Ukraine withdrew its troops from annexed regions and pledged not to join NATO. However, Western leaders have rejected these terms, labeling them as “propaganda” and “attempts to document Russia’s imperialist incursions.”

This report was compiled with information from AFP.

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