Ukraine moves from counteroffensive to defensive: it begins building fortifications against the Russian advance

Ukraine has begun building new fortifications to contain attacks launched by Russia along the line of contact, the Ukrainian General Staff announced on its Facebook page. “The units of the State Special Transport Service are building fortifications in the designated areas,” says the notice published by the General Staff, which is attached Photographs of structures excavated from underground and reinforced with logs and concrete structures.

After the war, Ukraine went on the defensive on large parts of the front This summer’s counteroffensive did not produce the expected results. Russia is once again launching dozens of attacks daily along the entire line of contact, using its numerical superiority in personnel, artillery and ammunition. Given these circumstances, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the construction of fortifications to contain Russia’s attempts to advance.

In a press conference this Tuesday to mark the end of the year, Zelenskyj referred to the fortifications that had already been built northeastern Kharkiv region, which, according to the president, are an example of how other regions should be protected.

“When I see this there, but not in other oblasts, I ask specific questions to our military leaders in other sectors: It’s enough? And why is this (protection) weaker than in Kharkiv Oblast?said Zelensky.

The head of state emphasized cooperation between the local administration, the army and public and private companies in the construction of the existing fortifications in Kharkiv, a region bordering Russia that was partially occupied by the invading army at the beginning of the war. During the press conference Zelensky criticized the army for failing to present plans or take concrete actions on this and other issues such as additional mobilization of combatants.

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One of the reasons that experts attribute to the lack of results of the recent Ukrainian counteroffensive is that Efficiency of the fortifications built by Russia.

Zelensky, in turn, was criticized by his critics for not building more fortifications and minefields sooner. to counter new Russian offensive maneuvers.

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