Ukraine launches NFT War Museum on Ethereum and Polygon

Proceeds from the sale of NFTs from the Meta History Museum of War will go to the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.

History Museum of War

Today, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation announced the launch of the Meta History Museum of War† The museum is not a physical building but actually a kind of website. The collection, which was produced with support from the Ministry, presents a chronological overview of the recent events of the war between Russia and Ukraine, including personal reflections from both Ukrainian and international digital artists.

In addition, everything in this ‘museum’ is for sale. Each image is associated with a non-fungible token (NFT) created by the Fair NFT platform. This uses the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon network. All images will remain hidden until they are sold. This means you don’t know what you’re buying until you buy it. As the museum puts it:

“You reveal the truth by buying MetaHistory.”

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Crypto donations for the region

Each NFT in the ‘Warline Collection’ will cost 0.15 Ethereum, or about $468. The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov calls the new platform a place to preserve the memory of the war and “celebrate Ukrainian identity and freedom.”

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The proceeds of the NFT sale will go directly to the official crypto accounts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Its purpose is to support the military and civilian aid.

More than $100 million in crypto donations have poured into the region since the Russian invasion began. According to data from analysis website Merkle Science, the majority went directly to the Ukrainian government. Earlier this month, UkraineDAO $6.75 million in Ethereum with the sale of an NFT depicting the Ukrainian flag.

“NFTs have shown the world two things. The power of the community and the importance of the voice of the many.” Fair said in a blog post.

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