Home World Ukraine is facing its second winter of war and snow

Ukraine is facing its second winter of war and snow

Ukraine is facing its second winter of war and snow

Ukrainians are preparing to experience another particularly harsh winter, often without glass in the windows, without drinking water, without heating, without light (with More than 10 million Ukrainians have been without electricity since the Rus’ invasiona) and the shelters are literally frozen.

The heavy snowfall is affecting the civilian population, but also the situation for the troops of both armies, who have to contend with extreme cold and humidity. On the front lines, snow and rain can turn the ground into mud, and snow makes visibility difficult, for example when using drones. Nevertheless, Benya, the commander of the Ukrainian army, admits that they have learned something from last winter. “It’s difficult to be 100% prepared for the winter, it’s very difficult to fight like that. But it’s not our first winter. At least now we know what we need and have diesel heaters,” he admits.

The battle front freezes

The cold and blizzard have emerged as a weapon of attrition in Ukraine’s war, with temperatures this winter capable of reaching 20 degrees below zero in the north and east of the country. But considering that, the worst could come in the coming months In Ukraine, it snows for an average of 14 days in December, 17 days in January and 15 days in February.

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