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Ukraine faces losing more cities

Ukraine faces losing more cities

Not only have Ukrainian forces failed in their counteroffensive, but they are also unable to counter the Russian offensive at the front, said former adviser to former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Oleg Soskin.

“There is no counter-offensive as such. Look at the entire front line: on the contrary, there is a great danger of losing (the Ukrainian cities) of Kupiansk and (…) Kharkiv. The same happens in Marinka, Limán, Avdéyevka, etc.,” Soskin said on his YouTube channel.

According to the expert, Kiev now fell into a stalemate at the front. The Russian defense line turned out to be impassable and the Ukrainian armed forces cannot do anything to change course in the combat zone, Soskin said.

He also stressed that Ukrainian troops are suffering heavy casualties in the course of their offensive. Against this background, the analyst continued, the best solution for Kiev would be to sit down at the negotiating table with Moscow.

Russia launched the special military operation in Ukraine in response to requests from the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, previously recognized by Moscow as sovereign states, for help in the face of the Kiev genocide.

Source: Sputnik World

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