Ukraine destroys an entire convoy of Russian armored vehicles in a drone attack

Shock in Russia after the recent attack in Ukraine. Although the Russian commanders wanted it to be a bold action that would surprise Kiev’s defenses, they went ahead and pulled it off Destroy an entire convoy of MTLB armored vehicles and T-72 tanks from Moscowand achieved a strong advance in the Donetsk region, one of the war’s most important strongholds.

The failed attack occurred on January 30 near the town of Novomykhailivka, where the Russians were attempting to defeat the Ukrainian 72nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade. According to videos broadcast on social networks, a column of these vehicles was advancing towards Ukrainian positions when they were surprised by the same terrain, which was mined.

So, Tanks and tanks were trapped and became an easy target for Ukrainian suicide drones. The drones hit them and one after the other they managed to destroy the entire column.

The disaster caused deep shock in Russian ultranationalist propaganda circles, following an operation they consider a “disaster.” And what’s more, it comes after another tough defeat in the city of Avdivka, an obsession for Putin that always ends in disappointment.

In this chapter of the war, the Ukrainian General Staff said this Ukrainian troops held off the Russians, who were still trying to surround the city, as Russian troops attempt to attack the village of Stepove near Avdivka. To neutralize the militants who tried to hide in the city streets, a Ukrainian tank had to open fire “at close range” near the houses of the Russian soldiers.

As part of the conflict, Moscow and Kiev held a conflict this Wednesday a prisoner of war exchange involving almost 400 peoplebarely a week after the Russian government denounced the downing of a plane in the Belgorod region carrying about 75 people, including 65 Ukrainians, who were due for release.

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