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Ukraine denounces a “mistake” by Germany after removal of the Ukrainian flag in Berlin

Ucrania denuncia un "error" de Alemania tras retirada de bandera ucraniana en Berlín

Ukraine denounced on Sunday an "error" from Germany after Berlin police ordered protesters outside a Soviet monument to retract a huge Ukrainian flag erected in protest of the Russian invasion.

"Berlin made a mistake by banning Ukrainian symbols. It’s profoundly false treat them the same as Russian symbols", Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba lamented on Twitter.

"It is an attack on all those who now defend Europe and Germany from Russian aggression", he added.

On Sunday, German police ordered protesters outside the Soviet memorial in Berlin to retract a huge Ukrainian flag, ahead of May 9 commemorations of the victory over Nazi Germany.

"In order to keep the peaceful and dignified commemoration in the foreground, our colleagues made sure that a Ukrainian flag of about 25 meters in length was rolled up" after being deployed, the Berlin police tweeted.

Fearing altercations, especially by pro-Russian activists, the police announced on Friday that they would ban the display of flags or military symbols in fifteen places in the German capital during the commemorations of the end of World War II. , which will continue on Monday.

The decision has sparked protests, especially in the Ukrainian community, with Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, calling it "scandalous" Y "a slap in the face of ukraine". 




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