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Ukraine deals Russia the biggest strategic blow since the start of the war

Ukraine deals Russia the biggest strategic blow since the start of the war

The arrival of winter represents a major challenge for the more than one million soldiers Russians And Ukrainians stationed on the battlefield in the east of the country occupied by Kremlin forces. The harsh temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees below zero make the fight a daily challenge for everyone. Both sides know how to fight under these circumstances. Both Kiev and Moscow are aware that, in addition to the necessary clothing and more fuel, symbolic gestures are also necessary which help maintain soldiers’ morale.

The Ukrainian president is aware of this situation Volodymyr Zelensky, managed to deliver a serious blow Wladimir Putin. I had never come this far. Ukraine did it paralyze the main communication route between Russia and China5,000 kilometers from the front.

Ukrainian intelligence is responsible for the four explosions that rocked the approximately 15-kilometer-long strategic tunnel. It is currently unknown whether the explosions were caused by devices installed in a vehicle or in the tunnel itself, but they managed to trigger them blowing up a 41-car freight train that was carrying three tankers full of aviation fuel, and shut down this vital communications channel through which Putin supplied weapons to the conflict.

Despite the significance of the explosion, the Russian media limited itself to reporting a fire in the tunnel Severomuyskiybut without providing any further details about what happened.

According to the British newspaper “The sunUkrainian sources said the explosions had “paralyzed” Russia’s main Baikal-Amur line, a more than 3,300-kilometer (2,000-mile) communications route connecting central Russia with the eastern coast of the Sea of ​​Japan.

During these two years of war, the Russian president held several meetings with the president The Chinese Xi Jinping to help him in the conflict and provide him with weapons to end the invasion Ukrainesomething about that China has so far “officially” declined.

The attack on this strategic infrastructure has not only paralyzed the USA commercial exchange with China, but has interrupted it Recruiting soldierss, many of which reach Ukraine via this railway route.

Parallel to these explosions, there was a cyber attack that allowed President Zelensky to broadcast a televised message across the country Crimea occupied, promising to expel Russian forces and reclaim Crimea as part of its territory. While the image of the Ukrainian leader was being broadcast, a sign with the inscription could be read on the screen “Putin is an idiot”. The shipment was quickly intercepted and canceled by Russian authorities.

The attack on the railway tunnel is part of a series of other attacks strategic points such as factories, railways and airfields also located on Russian territory. As has become known in the last few hours, Russia has announced that a citizen with dual Russian-Italian nationality was arrested for planting bombs on railway tracks on November 11 as part of a sabotage campaign by Ukrainian military intelligence.

After his arrest, the man born in 1988 and living in Ryazan, confessed to planting homemade bombs that derailed a freight train in central Russia. This very route is one of those used by the army to transport weapons to the front.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the detainee confessed that he was recruited by an employee of the General Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in February 2023 to start the sabotage.

Another of the infrastructures attacked from Kiev was the Kerch Highway and the railway bridge connecting mainland Russia with occupied Crimea.

Also, just a week ago, the Russian singer, dancer and choreographer Polina Menschikh, 40 years old, died during a concert in front of Russian troops after the Ukrainian army bombed the theater where a military festival was taking place.

For its part, Russia continues to look for a way to end Ukrainian resistance. In addition to the six assassination attempts that Zelensky confessed he managed to escape from, Russian spy services have also attempted to kill other people close to the Ukrainian leader. This became known this week Mariana Budanova, Wife of the head of the General Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov She may have been poisoned with arsenic and mercury, although the attack did not achieve its goal as she survived and is recovering in a hospital.

This is NOT the first case of poisoning by Russian security forces, who have repeatedly used this method against their enemies for decades. In 2018, they used a nerve agent in England to poison Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer and double agent for British intelligence services. But in the 1950s, the KGB used thallium – a heavy metal used in rat poison and insecticides – to poison one of its own agents who had defected to the United States.

Putin’s strange message to the population

One of the main consequences of the war in Ukraine was the steep decline in the birth rate. The large number of battlefield casualties and the war-related shortage of men have brought birth rates to an all-time low.

Therefore, Vladimir Putin sent a message to the population urging women to also try to have “eight or more children.” “Large families must become the norm,” ordered the Russian president, whose health has again been called into question in recent weeks.

“Thank God our city has the tradition of being a strong multi-generational family raising four, five or more children. Let us remember that many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers in Russian families had seven, eight or even more children. Let’s preserve and revive these wonderful traditions. “Having many children and a large family should become the norm and way of life for all peoples of Russia,” he added.

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