Ukraine claims to have recovered 20 square kilometers in Bakhmut

Kiev, (BLAZETRENDS) that Russian forces continue to advance into the municipality.

“Our troops have liberated from the enemy about 20 square kilometers in the north and south of the outskirts of Bakhmut,” Malyar wrote on his Telegram account.

Russian advances into the city

“At the same time,” he continued, the Russian troops are making “some progress” inside the city thanks to the use of artillery to destroy the buildings that the Ukrainian forces used to resist with urban combat tactics.

According to Malyar, the Russians have deployed paratroop troops to reinforce their troops in Bakhmut.

The deputy minister insisted that “the heavy fighting continues with mixed results”, and praised the work of the Ukrainian military defending the part of this eastern Ukrainian city that remains under Kiev control.

Russian superiority in troops and weapons

Malyar also assured that Russia continues to have an advantage over Ukraine in Bakhmut in terms of troops and weapons.

Ukrainian military analysts have suggested the possibility that Ukraine may eventually cede control of Bakhmut Township to Russia while advancing on the flanks to expose Russian troops to enemy fire inside the city.

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