Ukraine announces discovery of torture camps in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian Police has assured that it has located up to 25 facilities used to torture prisoners by Russian forces in the Kharkov region, recently recovered by Ukraine.

In these prison camps, civilians who were held in inhumane conditions were tortured, as explained by the police chief in the area, Volodimir Timoshko, in a message posted on Facebook on Monday.

Some prisoners were subjected to electric shocks and others had their fingers broken, Timoshko said.

The Kharkiv region has been under the control of Russian forces from the start of the invasion in February until early September, when Ukrainian forces forced their withdrawal in a counteroffensive.

Since then, 920 civilian bodies have been located, including those of 25 children, according to Timoshko, who has assured that they were killed by Russian soldiers.

The Ukrainian investigation suggests that Russian forces have also committed war crimes in other occupied areas, such as Bucha, on the outskirts of kyiv, where more than 400 bodies were found, most of them violent deaths.

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