Ukraine: 23 civilians killed in Russian missile attack

23 people were killed in a Russian attack on a civilian convoy in Ukraine.

According to the American and British media, this attack was carried out in the southern region of Ukraine, Zaporizhia, in which 28 people were also injured.

Ukrainian authorities say that all those killed and injured in the attack are civilians.

All these people were jointly going to evacuate their relatives trapped in the Russian occupied area in the same region.

Russia fired 16 missiles from the S-300 system at the civilian convoy.

The attack was carried out at a time when Russian President Putin is about to sign the document declaring the independent status of two regions of Ukraine, including this region, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

In these areas, Russia had organized a controversial referendum on which Ukraine and Western countries have expressed strong reservations.

Earlier, in February, Russia announced the declaration of Donetsk and Lanshak as independent regions.

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