UK: Plan to reduce prices of basic food items

LONDON: The British government is considering plans to reduce the prices of basic food items, with the aim of making bread and milk easier for the people.

In this regard, the foreign news agency According to the report The prices of such essential items are increasing rapidly day by day which are becoming out of reach of the masses.

According to media reports, British Prime Minister Rishi Shankar is engaged in talks with supermarkets in this regard, such an agreement was made in France as a result of which large retailers receive the lowest and fairest profit from citizens.

It should be noted that the UK has the highest rate of food inflation in Western Europe, with prices rising by more than 19% over the past year, the worst rate since the 1970s.

According to the report, due to the increase in the prices of electricity and utility bills, the household budgets of the citizens have increased significantly, which is being considered as the main reason for the war in Ukraine.

Major supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have announced price cuts on some food items in recent weeks.

The British Retail Consortium, which represents all the major supermarkets, blamed the new government regulation for many of the costs in a statement, stressing that "Simplify the rules instead of re-creating 1970s-style price controls.

The BRC’s Andrew Opie said it would make no difference to prices because of higher food prices, rising energy, transport and labor wages, as well as higher payments to food manufacturers and farmers. Prices are a direct result.

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