UK listed as "terrorist act" the explosion of a taxi in front of a hospital

The United Kingdom this Monday raised the terrorist threat level from “substantial” to “serious”e “, the second highest, after the police confirmed that the eexplosion of a taxi in front of a Liverpool hospital was caused by a homemade pump.

“The Joint Center for Terrorism Analysis is now increasing the threat level in the UK from substantial to severe. And there is a reason for that, and that reason is because what we saw yesterday is the second incident in a month,” said the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, before the press. The official referred to the fact that this incident occurred a few weeks after the murder of deputy David Amess.

This level of threat means that the risk of an attack is considered “highly probable”Patel explained. “We will never give in to those who want to divide us with foolish acts,” he added. In that same sense, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the people of the UK “will never be intimidated by terrorism.”

Hours before Johnson’s remarks, authorities had announced that yesterday’s explosion in Liverpool, which killed the alleged bomb maker and wounded the taxi driver, was “terrorist” in nature, although he added that his motivations are still being investigated.

During the night of Sunday, the antiterrorist police reported the arrest of “three men aged 29, 26 and 21 years “under” terrorism law “in that northern English city. This Monday, a fourth 20-year-old man was arrested. All would be “accomplices” of the one who died in the taxi.

The attack

The passenger took a taxi on Rutland Avenue in Liverpool and asked to go to the women’s hospital, a 10-minute drive away. The explosion occurred just before 11 am (local time and GMT) during commemorations for the war victims, called “Remembrance Day” in the UK.

A few hundred yards away, soldiers, veterans and members of the public were gathered for a tribute at Liverpool Cathedral. Police do not know if the explosion was also aimed at the commemorations.

“We cannot establish a connection at this time, but it is a line of investigation that we are exploring,” Russ Jackson, the head of the investigation, said at Monday’s press conference.

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He also specified that Investigators believe they have the identity of the passenger, but prefer not to reveal it for now.

Some newspapers and political leaders called the taxi driver a “hero”, who was injured in the explosion, since it allowed – according to them – to avoid deaths. Likewise, the police reported that the man had already left the hospital where he was being treated.

“The case is still under investigation, so I cannot comment on the details or say exactly what kind of incident it was (…) but It seems that the taxi driver in question behaved with incredible courage and courage, “said Johnson, during a visit to a London medical center.

According to him Daily Mail, the driver realized that the passenger was “suspicious” and locked him in the taxi before escaping. “The taxi driver, with his heroic efforts, managed to avoid what could be a horrible catastrophe in the hospital“, assured the mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, in declarations to BBC.

After the incident, the police searched an address near the avenue where the suspect arrived in the taxi and there “significant articles were found and more investigations will be required today and potentially in the coming days.”

The anti-terrorist police are in charge of the investigation with the support of the MI5 intelligence service.

Other attacks

The UK suffered attacks by both radical Islamists and right-wing extremists in recent years, including a suicide attack at a 2017 Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in which 22 people died.

The last such incident had occurred last October 15, when Congressman David Amess was stabbed during a meeting with voters from his district, and the police stated that it was an act of “terrorism” committed by a sympathizer of the fundamentalist group Islamic State (IS).

Another regrettable antecedent, took place in 2016 when Labor Party lawmaker Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death by a right-wing extremist.


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