UK faces fuel shortage

In the UK there is a shortage of gasoline at petrol stations. The army could be called in as reinforcements to carry out supplies.

Even at night, the lines at the petrol pump seem endless in the UK. For fear of running out, some Britons panic and rush to refuel. By day, the situation is a source of tension between motorists. “I think all the rules are going up in smoke right now, people are desperate. If I don’t have gas now, I can’t work today. I tried to get gas. the whole weekend”, says a man.

Some service stations have even been put out of service for lack of a road carrier to supply them. With the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, many foreign drivers have left British soil. Results: Boris Johnson’s government is even considering calling the army to the rescue to refuel gas stations and has already announced that it is granting 5,000 temporary visas to European truck drivers.

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