UK crime-fighting sets up crypto unit

It National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom has decided to set up a real crypto unit. New members are currently being recruited to track down all kinds of crypto crimes in the country. This is done, among other things, because, according to the British authorities, a disproportionate amount of fraud takes place within the crypto sector.

British go after crypto criminals

The unit does not yet exist at this time. We are now only looking for suitable persons to be part of this. The unit should initially consist of five people, all of whom have extensive experience in the forensic investigation of everything related to blockchain to do, reported Financial NewsLondon.

From candidates for the position of “researcher cryptocurrencyare expected to provide “strategic and tactical advice” in criminal investigations into crypto crimes.

Crypto crime

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s top financial regulator, has seen a marked increase in the amount of crypto crime. In the period from March 2021 to May 2022, the regulator has therefore opened more than 400 different cases against possible scammers who were active within the crypto sector.

In December it was still in it crypto news to read that the FCA even considered that the crypto industry as a whole should money laundering facilitated. Crypto platforms, such as exchanges, would be widely used for such criminal purposes, according to the FCA. It is therefore not surprising that the British authorities are now setting up a special unit to tackle crime within the crypto industry.

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In addition, the figures also show that scams and other forms of mala fide practices are still the order of the day in the world of crypto. In 2022 there were definitely 118,000 new scam projects on the market and about 2 million gullible investors were robbed of their money.

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