UK commemorates Elizabeth II’s death

The UK celebrated this Friday Moderation and moderation on the first anniversary of the death of their longest-serving Queen, Isabel II, and the accession of her perpetual successor, Carlos III.

The sweet transition the monarch has chosen to usher in the new era of Carolina today has preserved the sobriety and closeness to mores that have characterized his reign to date.

Only a few gun salutes from London’s Hyde Park, the Tower of London and the castles of Edinburgh (Scotland) and Hillsborough (Northern Ireland) and the chiming of Westminster Abbey reminded of this September 8, 2022.

On this day, at the age of 96, unexpectedly, although his health had deteriorated in recent months, andBuckingham Palace reported the Queen’s death shortly after noon and hours later confirmed her death at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Right there, in complete privacy, King Carlos III. and Queen Camila this Friday the anniversary. They could only be seen in the early afternoon before attending a service at Crathie Kirk Chapel near the castle, where they greeted those gathered at the entrance.

For their part, the Princes of Wales, Heir Apparent William and Catherine, visited St David’s Cathedral in Wales to also attend a brief private service.

Meanwhile, wayward Prince Enrique, Carlos III’s young son, takes issue with his family publicly His special touch came when he went to Windsor Castle on the outskirts of London, where his grandmother once resided, to honor Elizabeth II, who is buried there and with whom he had a close relationship.

As with so many monarchical anniversaries, royal supporters and many tourists flocked to Buckingham Palacein central London to pay their respects or lay bouquets.

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The daily changing of the guard (which takes place at eleven in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) resulted in a major influx of people for the occasion, surrounded by a heavy police presence. Hundreds of people gathered outside the palace gates and around the statue of Queen Victoria to watch the Royal Guard parade.

At noon, the same group of soldiers greeted the anniversary of the new monarch with a 41-gun salute in Hyde Park, the cannons being carried by horses to the Grand Esplanade. An hour later, the bells rang in Westminster Abbey, where the Queen’s funeral was being held eleven days after her death.

Australians Kate and Jerry Bismarck, a couple from Sydney, were among the hundreds of spectators who followed the sober ceremony.

“King Carlos has a keen interest in the environment and I think that is shared and clearly recognized by the whole world. I think it’s going to be something that will connect him with both young people and people of his generation, and it’s important.” Platform Bismarck noted.

In his view, the new British sovereign is “has an important platform to influence and promote positive changes regarding climate change.”

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