UK calls for access to European research programs

London demanded on Monday that Brussels unblock access to European scientific research programs for British researchers as provided for in the post-Brexit trade agreement. This is the message that British Secretary of State for Europe Leo Docherty must convey at the Parliamentary Assembly of Partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which is taking place today in London.

This assembly brings together elected members of the European Parliament and that of the United Kingdom, whose mission is to monitor the application of the trade and cooperation agreement which establishes the rules in relations between the two parties since Brexit.

‘The UK can’t wait any longer’

“The UK’s participation would be a win-win for the UK and the EU, but the UK cannot wait any longer”, must declare Leo Docherty, according to extracts from his speech transmitted to the press. “The European approach leads to intolerable uncertainty for our researchers and our companies”, he must insist.

London considers the delay to be a breach of the post-Brexit deal and has entered into formal consultations with Brussels as required by the agreement’s dispute settlement provisions. Conversely, in his speech, Leo Docherty should welcome the cooperation between the EU and the United Kingdom in the reaction to the war launched by Russia in Ukraine.

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