Ugliest building competition launched in China

The twelfth edition of the ugliest building competition is underway in China. For this 2021 edition, nearly 90 various buildings are in the running on the Archcy site, reports CNN.

As of September 22, nearly 30,000 Internet users had already taken part in the vote which will partly determine the “candidates”. After the vote closes next December, the 90 constructions will also be judged by a panel of experts made up of architects, academics and critics.

Ten buildings “rewarded” at the end of the year

Nine criteria will be taken into account, including “lack of harmony” with the surrounding environment and suspicion of plagiarism. After calculating the average of the different votes, ten buildings will finally be sacred at the end of the year.

At present, the top of the rankings is occupied by a five-arched gate located at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, said. Slate. It is followed, in second place, by a glass bridge in Sichuan supported by two statues of man and woman in traditional costume. Other amazing structures, like a hotel in the shape of a Russian doll, are in competition.

Ugly buildings: a national scourge?

This competition is in line with the directives taken in recent years by the Chinese government to stem the wave of skyscrapers with questionable architectural choices. Buildings over 500 m high have been prohibited for construction, for example, since a 2020 circular.

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This document was edited this year to add other prohibition criteria such as “ugliness”, conversely promoting “suitable, economical, green and beautiful” constructions. A chief architect may also be appointed in each Chinese city soon, adds. Slate.

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