UFOs in Area 51: “For those who don’t believe there are beings visiting us, I would tell them to spend the night here”

A black van guards a paved path in the mountains 24 hours a day. State of Nevada (USA) roam through the coyotes and antelopes at will until they stand in front of the entrance to the world’s most enigmatic military base: their name isarea 51

A decade ago, the Ministry of Defense confirmed its existence and specified it since 1955 it has served as a training camp for the US Air Force, but this announcement came very late because some As early as the 1990s, 50 ufology enthusiasts had moved to a nearby town.

Trailer homes and nearly twenty prefabricated houses continue to make up the place called Rachel, which is where they primarily settled Retired Americans who stumbled upon the base’s location and believed the government was analyzing UFO debris inside.

at Rachel, two and a half hours from Las Vegas via the cinematic Extraterrestrial Highway with its tens of kilometers in a straight line, the name of David Grusch in every conversation of your neighbors.

A Life of Mysteries in Neighbor Town Area 51: 'You'd See Unimaginable Things'
A Life of Mysteries in the City Next to Area 51: ‘You’d See Unimaginable Things’Guillermo AzabalEFE

This is the former Air Force intelligence officer who gave the assurance on July 26 outside the Capitol The government has spent years hiding evidence of alien aircraft “non-human biological remains”.

“The Grusch thing is not new. For those who don’t believe there are beings visiting us, I would recommend spending a night here. You would see unimaginable things,” warned EFE Michael, manager of Rachel’s Little A’Le’Inn Bar and Motel, 32 kilometers from the so-called Groom Lake base.

However, Grusch’s performance — as part of a Democrat-Republican-sponsored homeland security subcommittee — was unprecedented in the US House of Representatives.

And that paves the way to “breaking the stigma,” according to Jamie, a 50-year-old cowboy who, as permitted by Nevada law, has lAfter a day on his ranch, he bequeathed a ready-to-fire gun to the town bar.

“How long have we been hearing people talking about us? the alien freaks? “Now something is changing,” Jamie told EFE, who switched to Rachel after the investigation.Roswell Case, in which an unknown object fell onto a farm in New Mexico in 1947.

This alleged extraterrestrial incident went unnoticed, but in 1978 the problem took on an unusual dimension Nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman and other researchers conducted a study that indicated that the US government had hidden impact debris at Roswell citing “national security” reasons.

Then a long societal debate began, which intensified in 2017 after the Department of Defense admitted it was working on it Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program investigate flying objects of unknown origin.

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Once the existence of these aerial phenomena is accepted, what According to the Pentagon, they have been sighted up to 650 times so far this year. Positions are divided between the extraterrestrial hypothesis and those who claim they are airplanes. Balloons or radars from the secret services of powers like China or Russia.

“They want us to think these are foreign planes to continue hiding information and justify missions to those countries on the side,” Rosie, a tourist from the state of Tennessee, said in statements to EFE from Rachel’s only motel.

Like her, Every year, 55,000 more people visit the city to get as close to Area 51 as possible And by taking advantage of the fact that capitalism itself draws from one of the most secret bases in the world to make all sorts of souvenirs, take an alien-shaped pin or a spaceship T-shirt.

The confrontation surrounding UFOs has become so acrimonious in recent years that, according to a Gallup study, In 2021, around 135 million Americans supported the alien hypothesis.

And the echo goes beyond the scientific community in the US, where there are important figures such as Avi Loeb, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University, who speaks openly about it “Attempts by extraterrestrial civilizations to make contact” with humans.

As Loeb told EFE, Grusch’s testimony “could offer new possibilities” if both he and the other two who performed on Capitol Hill – former Navy commander David Fravor and former Navy pilot Ryan Graves – present “conclusive evidence.” “ submitted.

The antipodes are Seth Shostak, astronomer in search of extraterrestrial intelligence, scientific institution promoted in its infancy by Carl Sagan and funded by NASA, which was emphatic: “What Grusch said is stupid. EFE convicted. The researcher argued that work is being done to detect possible “life forms beyond Earth,” but Grusch’s reference to alleged non-human biological remains was “ridiculous.”

“UFOs and aliens only care about America?”, Or are all countries in cahoots? Shostak scoffed.

Night falls and waiter Michael’s warning seems to echo through the mountains around Rachel. Meanwhile, the wind shakes the Stars and Stripes flag atop Little A’Le’Inn, because in the US you can believe in UFOs and even question your government, but why not be a patriot?

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