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UFO or FANI: What do these abbreviations mean?

UFO or UAP: What do these abbreviations mean, they have nothing to do with aliens.

UFO either ufo, in English, is a term that began to be used in 1952, five years after private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing circular objects traveling at supersonic speeds; however, since 2022 the abbreviation is used FANI either UAPin English, here we explain What do they mean.

abbreviations UFO either ufo They refer to any aerial phenomenon that does not have an immediate explanation, such as the one recorded in November 2004 off the coast of San Diego, when two fighter jet pilots encountered an unusual oval ship floating on the sea.

  • UFO: unidentified flying object.
  • ufo: Unidentified Flying Object.

On many occasions, the sightings that are reported in almost the entire world are actually planes, rockets, satellites, stars, or even animals, such as bats and birds, like the one that recently lit up the skies of Colima.

When did FANI or UAP start to be used and what does it mean?

NASA announced in 2022 the formation of a scientific team dedicated to investigating phenomena classified as UFOs, but changed the name to FANI either UAPin English, to analyze the “observations in the sky of something that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena.”

  • FANI: Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon.
  • UAP: Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

In March 2023, the US agency released the first report by 16 expert members from fields ranging from physics to astrobiology who examined sightings of unclassified objects.

During the presentation, the head of the Pentagon’s newly formed Office of All Domain Anomaly Resolution, Sean Kirkpatrick, played recordings of two anomalies being studied.

One of them showed a metallic orb in flight at an unnamed location in the Middle East in 2022. That incident, Kirkpatrick said, is one of the small percentage of the 800 cases being reviewed that are considered genuinely anomalous.

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