UFC Fighter Rose Namajunas Reflects on Greatest Moments in Her Career

UFC Star Rose Namajunas: The Rise of a New Era at Flyweight

Rose Namajunas, the two-time strawweight champion and American fighter of Lithuanian descent, is looking to make a name for herself in the flyweight division. With a fight against Tracy Cortez this weekend in Denver, Namajunas sat down with us to discuss her career, her thoughts on weight cutting, and her plans for the future.

Q: What weight are you when you step into the cage in the flyweight division?

A: I might gain around 10 pounds after the cut. I weigh around 134 pounds.

Q: You have European ancestors, and weight cutting is a common practice in Europe. Do you think it’s a good thing, or has it become too extreme?

A: To a certain extent, I think weight cutting can be a good thing, but when it becomes too extreme, it’s a weird balance. When it becomes all about the weight cut, I think, "What are we doing here?" I think it’s important for fighters to ask themselves why they’re fighting in a particular division.

Q: You switched to the flyweight division, citing a desire for new challenges. What do you hope to achieve in this new division?

A: I wanted to challenge myself with a new weight class. I’ve already fought my rivals at strawweight, and I know there’s new talent coming up. I want to test myself and see what I’m capable of.

Q: You face Tracy Cortez this weekend, a fighter who is not often mentioned in the same breath as you. What do you think about the matchup?

A: Tracy Cortez is a tough opponent. She’s very active and has great intelligence inside the cage. Her striking and wrestling are improving every time we see her. I know I’m on a different level, and we’ll see on Saturday night.

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Q: You’ve been mentioned as a candidate for the BMF Women’s Championship, should Joanna Jedrzejczyk decide to come out of retirement. Do you think that would be an option for you?

A: Yeah, that would be cool. Joanna is definitely the best candidate for that belt. If someone could make a belt for a female BMF, she would probably be one of the first women that would come to mind. But for me, I’m not asking for that belt. I mean, I’m not going to push for it, but if it happens, cool.

Q: There’s ongoing debate about whether you are the GOAT at UFC strawweight. How do you feel about the debate?

A: I feel like that term is very relative. I mean, greatest of all time… I think I gave people some of the greatest moments of the division. I think I had the most impactful highlights of the division. On the other hand, Weili Zhang is also in that conversation. So, I think the GOAT conversation is going to be opinion at the end of the day.

Namajunas’ fight against Tracy Cortez takes place this Saturday in Denver. Will she continue to reign supreme in the flyweight division? Only time will tell.

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