UEFA is considering removing the final from Russia and going to London, Munich or Paris

UEFA is already studying the change of venue for the Champions League final and the cities of London and Munich, in addition to Paris, appear among the favorites to replace Saint Petersburg as the city of the European Cup final, scheduled for next August 28. The other option raised the Wanda Metropolitano, is practically left without possibilities since the Federation (RFEF) does not support his candidacy since the other continental final this season, that of the Europa League, will be in Spanish territory, specifically in Seville.

In any case, UEFA has other options besides the Allianz, the Parc des Princes and Wembley (since the London stadium hosts the promotion phase from the Championship to the Premier on the same dates, which should be relocated) since for the election of the venue of the final the teams must also be taken into account reach the final stage of the competition, of which the full round of 16 have not yet been played. Therefore, it is not certain that UEFA will be able to propose an alternative field to the Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg at its meeting this Friday, although the cities already mentioned, especially London with other stadiums capable of hosting the final in addition to Wermbleylike those of West Ham United or Tottenham, are among the big favorites.

The UEFA Executive Committee will meet urgently tomorrow to deal with this matter, as well as the dispute between Russia and Poland on March 24, corresponding to the play-offs for the Qatar World Cup. But the information coming from Nyon suggests that Ceferin will have no choice but to heed the EU’s request to remove the organization of the European final from Saint Petersburg, Putin’s hometown. The pressure from the EU on UEFA has become a demand and is seen as one more part of the economic sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

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On the other hand, the stadiums of Wembley, in London, and the Allianz Arena, in Munich, are UEFA’s first options since they were designated to host the 2023 and 2024 Champions League final. The Bayern stadium has already received the European final in 2012 while the Coliseum in the English capital did so in 2011 and 2013. Istanbul, which has been nominated to receive the Champions League final in the last two editions, lost the match due to the pandemic.

Infantino: “We are dealing with the matter urgently”

The FIFA president spoke to the media to explain the organisation’s role in the war between Russia and Ukraine: “I have been shocked by what I have seen. I am concerned about this situation. FIFA condemns the use of force by Russia. Violence is never a solution. We ask all actors to restore peace through constructive dialogue“.

Beyond his vision, Infantino has problems to tackle such as hosting the qualifying play-off for Qatar: TWe have a duty to look at this matter seriously, to analyze it. We will look at it urgently. We hope that the situation will be resolved well before the first game“.

He was also asked if the World Cup in Qatar is in danger, due to its proximity to Russia. Infantino did not deny this possibility and gave the same answer as for the playoffs: “We have a duty to face this matter seriously and analyze it well. We will deal with it urgently.” At the moment, there are no confirmed decisions, but a message of peace: “I firmly believe that sport unites people. Today I think of all the people affected by this escalation of the conflict and nothing more“.

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