UCAM makes history and will play its second Cup semifinal

Basketball game with capital letters in Granada. UCAM won the quarterfinal duel after a perfect first half and clinging to the duel in the last act after a taron rushha (31-9 in the third act) that could have been historic and remained an anecdote. The Murcians played better in the final minute, giving the important possessions to McFadden and Webb, and they will play the second semi-final in their history, the first was in 1996. The North American guard, with 20 points, and Taylor, with 12, kept the type when it seemed that the great first part of Murcia was going to come to nothing. in Valencia, Rivero was the best, with 20 points and 6 rebounds, but the moment of truth came from Prepelic and Van Rossom. And there, both of their hands trembled. “A stick”, said Peñarroya after the game. And so it is. But with two such lousy first quarters, the strange thing is that they had a shot to force extra time.

Valencia came out as erratic as UCAM Murcia fluid. It was as if a few months had not passed and the Endesa League match, at La Fonteta, continued the dynamic without time having passed. McFadden, Taylor, Webb… riddled Valencia with triples, totally stiff in attack and weak in defense. Not a single outside shot entered the Taronjas in the first quarter. The interior points of Dubljevic and Rivero kept him in the game but the Murcians had already taken the highway. Two triples by Webb and two baskets by Lima inside put the maximum (14-28). Peñarroya couldn’t believe it. UCAM doubled him on the scoreboard and quadrupled him in sensations. Thus came the end of the first period.

Valencia came out differently in the second act. He pressed something in defense and with the 2×2 Van Rossom-Tobey he began to find some crack in the UCAM defense. A triple by López-Arostegui seemed to change the trend. Mirage. Radovic responded with two shots from beyond 6.75 that made Peñarroya stop the match. It was no use. Another one from Czerapowicz put the +20 (19-39, min. 16), the maximum advantage, and lit up the red background of the Granada Sports Palace. Valencia was on the canvas. Prepelic’s courage with six points in a row hooked him again but UCAM was playing the NBA finals and Valencia, a party in the neighborhood. Lima, with four offensive rebounds in the second inning, embodied everything Peñarroya wished he had. Only the free kick made Valencia add. But Murcia was master and lord in all parts of the field. At the break, 33-52, with 10 triples from Murcia, the feeling was that there was already a semifinalist.

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Valencia had to do it almost perfectly to turn it around. And for three minutes and 26 seconds he did. So much so that he washed away everything bad that he had done in that time. A 21-0 run, led by an exceptional Hermannsson and plastered with a killer Rivero, had done it (54-52, min. 24). Davis made UCAM’s first basket in the third act with 5:25 remaining in the period. New match. But the wind was now blowing in favor of the taronja. Dimitrijevic took the baton and repeated the same action over and over again. Adding points, fouls and free throws. The UCAM went with the hook but held the type. An offensive rebound by Pradilla with a basket made it 64-61 at the end of the third quarter, rounding off an almost perfect run: 31-9.

The UCAM needed McFadden to come back to fight him. No sooner said than done. The American plugged it from the start of three to level the match and then another three free. But the Balkan duo Prepelic-Dimitrijevic had other plans. A triple from each and a shot from two from the Macedonian put the maximum for Valencia (74-69, min. 33). The point guard was on autopilot but McFadden and Bellas kept their cool. Like so many other times, it was Prepelic against all of Murcia. A triple from the Slovenian made it 83-81, with a minute to go. But Webb responded with another three-pointer.and that was stuck in the heart of Valencia. He didn’t score anymore. Van Rossom missed first of three. And after scoring two free McFadden, Prepelic and Van Rossom had extra time shot. Water. UCAM Murcia, to the semifinal.

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