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UCAM-COE, world power

UCAM-COE, world power

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) hosted an act of homage of the UCAM (San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University) to its scholarship athletes who returned from the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games with a prize. The UCAM had 80 participants, of which 23 obtained medals and 31 diplomas (finalists). Was the university with the largest representation in the world, fruit of an alliance dating back to 2012, and three were flagged: Saúl Craviotto and Mireia Belmonte in the opening and Sandra Sánchez in the closing.

The event was the opportunity to bring together David Cal and Saúl Craviotto for the first time, the two most successful Olympians, with five medals each. “For me it is a pride to match David, a legend who took away our fear of beating the canoeists. It will continue to be number one, “said Craviotto (36 years old). Will you be in Paris 2024? “I don’t know … Three years are closer than four, but they can be very long. I will go looking for motivations year after year, crossing them out. My short-term goal is to miss training again and start dreaming about those Games, “he said.

Alexander White, president of the COE, defined the athletes as “the best representatives of a Spain with values”. Jose Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM, pledged to continue “helping for Paris” and Begoña Villacís, vice mayor of the capital, veiled insisted on his wish that Madrid opt for the 2036 Games. “What I want is that as soon as possible you can play at home and that we will take care of all the consensuses”, told them.

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