Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Uber will test robot delivery

For years, Uber has explained that automation will be the key to its success. This month, the world leader in ride-hailing launched two robot delivery experiments in Los Angeles, reports CNN on Friday, May 13, about announcements from the company that wants to use four-wheeled robots and self-driving cars to deliver meals to homes. Starting this Monday, May 16, Americans living in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles will be able to test robot meal delivery. They will only have to lift the lid of the Uber robot, to retrieve their order. With headlights that look like eyes, the latter seems to come straight out of a cartoon, laughs CNN. It was designed by Serve Robotics, a subsidiary of Uber.

Residents of Santa Monica will be able to test self-driving cars that deliver meals. Uber will use Hyundai sedans that use self-driving technology from Motional. Here too, the customer will only have to open the rear door of the car to retrieve his meal. CNN specifies, however, that the car will have a human behind the wheel, for safety reasons. And that the initiative will only represent a very small proportion of deliveries. All in all, “this is the first chapter of autonomous vehicles making deliveries for Uber,” said Noah Zych, who heads mobility and delivery within the company, to our colleagues from CNN. “We see the potential in the future, but we have to start where we are today,” he added.

Since the health crisis, food and grocery deliveries made by Uber Eats and other branches of the business have become the company’s main financial windfall. This announcement is in the DNA of Uber, which has never stopped talking and experimenting with the autonomous car, although the company ended up selling its division to the company Aurora, with which it nevertheless continues. to collaborate. Delivery by artificial intelligence is also experienced by its competitors such as Amazon, Fedex, Domino’s or Starship.


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