Uber Eats uses AI to recommend restaurants and meals to customers

Uber Eats wants to join the trend of chatbots with artificial intelligence and is preparing its own. That’s why Uber’s meal delivery app is developing a chatbot that offers users recommendations and helps them place orders faster, as part of a race to integrate AI into popular apps.

According to a new Bloomberg report, developer Steve Moser has discovered details of the program in the hidden code of the Uber Eats app.

How will it work?

When a user starts the chatbot, the software displays this message “The AI ​​Assistant is designed to help you find relevant restaurant dishes and more.” So, The chatbot asks users about their budget and food preferences, then helps them order. The official launch date is currently unknown.

With this initiative, Uber joins other delivery apps that are also looking to integrate AI into their platforms and services. Most recently, DoorDash announced the launch of AI-powered voice ordering technology. This allows restaurants to increase their sales by answering all incoming calls. Additionally, the company is working on an AI-powered chatbot to speed up ordering and help customers find dining options.

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