UAE’s major initiative to investigate corona cases in schools

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates has ranked schools in view of the Corona cases.

According to media reports, government schools in the UAE have been classified according to their health protection standards. These protocols will take effect on August 28.

Classification criteria include the development of school infrastructure and facilities, such as the availability of human resources, the needs of buses and students, their ambitions and motivations, and other characteristics.

The guidelines were prepared by the ESE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOV), which states that the green category, as the name implies, is a school where no case of coronation has been reported. Rooms should be such that students can sit one meter apart, and 90% of public school teachers should have access to teaching in the classroom.

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Yellow category refers to schools where no cases of coronavirus have been reported but cannot accommodate classroom students who can sit one meter apart and 70% of its teachers teach in the classroom. Be present for

The red category refers to schools where cases of coronavirus have been reported and the institution can immediately opt for virtual learning, which is determined by school principals.

From the new academic year, students’ daily school attendance will be monitored during their return to classroom, and students are required to adhere to the health and safety guidelines adopted by their school, officials said.

Statistics show that 564 government schools in the UAE will welcome students face-to-face in the new school year.

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The ESE said an integrated plan has been put in place to ensure that students return to classes in the classroom and that the new academic year will consist of 186 days.


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