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UAE, Get Amazing Discounts in Ramadan

UAE, Get Amazing Discounts in Ramadan

In the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah Coop has announced a 90% discount on essential items in honor of Ramadan this year.

According to the Gulf website, Sharjah Coop has announced to allocate 30 million dirhams to reduce the prices of essential commodities by 90% during Ramadan this year. In this regard, Sharjah Coop CEO Majid Salem Al Junaid said that the purpose of this campaign is to reduce the financial burden on citizens and foreigners during the holy month.

According to the report, the Ramadan Vienna campaign includes 11 promotions that will run continuously throughout the month and this special offer will start one week before the holy month and consumers will be given a discount of more than 90% on all basic products.

Coop has also introduced four types of Ramadan baskets this year, ranging in price from 49 dirhams to 399 dirhams, including a variety of items that will be available to consumers at discounted rates of more than 50%. These baskets include basic items such as rice, sugar, oil, juice as well as a raffle draw for cars, home furniture, kitchenware, appliances and gift cards.

The My Coup Rewards program has allocated 10 million points under the Ramadan Goodness Campaign, under which 5 million points will be drawn for the 5 winners. Each winner will receive 25,000 points, including a raffle for 100 winners with a value of one million points.

In addition, luxury cars, home furniture for 15 winners, 10,000 dirhams for each winner, a raffle draw on kitchen equipment and appliances for 15 winners worth 5,000 dirhams for each winner plus a raffle draw on gift cards for 100 winners. Will

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