In the UAE, people who ridicule the rules and regulations of Coveid 19 on social media can face heavy fines and even jail time.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Emergency Crisis and Disaster Prosecution said in a statement that it was ridiculous to share misleading information about the corona epidemic or the steps taken by the state in response to the outbreak. Making can be punished. The sentence carries a minimum sentence of two years in prison or a fine of 200,000 UAE dirhams (ہزار 54,000).

It may be recalled that the UAE has recently introduced new measures in the country by introducing several measures to deal with the wave of omecron mutants, according to a statement issued by the state-run news agency WAM. Released after recent circulation of photos and videos.

The photos and videos have been ridiculed as a precautionary measure and have been ridiculed along with the songs, prompting calls for action against such individuals.

A statement issued by Pirco called on members of the community to refrain from any behavior that is punishable by law.

Testing requirements in the UAE have increased in recent weeks, with many employers demanding negative PC artist results. This is putting pressure on test centers.

Residents of the capital, Abu Dhabi, are required to have a PC artist’s negative test results every fortnight, as well as a negative test report to enter government buildings.

The UAE has also banned travel abroad for citizens who have not received the third additional dose of the vaccine.



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