UAE Announces New ID Card

According to the details, the Federal Citizenship and Identity Authority has announced the launch of a new and improved version of the Emirates Identity Card and its launch for consumers.

The decision comes as part of a new era in the Emirati passport and national identity card scheme. Emirates news agency Quoting the acting director general of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Major General Sohail Saeed Al-Khaili, said that the launch of the new generation of Emirati identity documents is part of Vision’s achievement. .

According to which the UAE government will improve the system and the quality of population data and provide you with a modern system based on international best practices and standards, as well as personal identity management and high-quality service.

He further said that the modern identification card has become the second phase of the project in which a new generation of passports and identification cards will be developed. The new identification card has been developed with new and more advanced secure features and has been redesigned while operating under modern systems and advanced technology that reduces security risks and makes cloning or counterfeiting difficult.

Al-Khaili added that what distinguishes the new card is the addition of employer or head of household details to the card and the residential category job title, as well as the statement from the card issuer. The new generation of ID cards also raises the level of electronic security for such documents, so they also have smart features.

He stressed that with the completion of the first phase of use of the electronic version, the authority would begin to print new cards for various distributors within the current phase.

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He explained that the beneficiaries of the new cards would be those whose existing cards have expired or who have requested the replacement of lost or damaged cards. The existing card will be used until it expires and the new card can only be obtained if the old one expires.

Al-Khaili confirmed that there have been no changes to the list of approved fees for issuing ID cards or any new procedure for requesting them through the authority’s smart channels, while the delivery operation is an integrated time plan. . And in coordination with the key partners of the authority.

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