U19 World Cup: Final canceled due to rain. Who will be champion? ICC has issued this rule

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The final was canceled due to rain. Who will be champion?

IND vs AUS U19 World Cup Final: The final match of the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 will be played today between the teams of India and Australia. This match will be played at the Sahara Park Willowmoor Cricket Stadium in South Africa from 1:30 pm India time. Both teams’ performances have been excellent so far in this tournament and they are now just one step away from lifting the trophy. Let us tell you what will happen if this game is washed out in the rain.

What happens if the final is canceled due to rain?

ICC has reserved a reserve day for the U19 World Cup final. In such a situation, if it rains during the final match, the match can be played to completion the next day, i.e. also on the reserve day. If it rains even on the reserve day and the game is completely washed out, in this case the rule applies that both teams will be declared winners together. According to ICC rules, to obtain the result of the U19 World Cup knockout matches, a match of at least 25-25 overs is required. On the other hand, the chance of rain on game day is 68 percent, according to accuweather.com.

Team India made it to the final for the fifth consecutive time

Team India has made it to the final of the U19 World Cup for the fifth consecutive time. We can tell you that this time Team India reached the final by winning six games in a row. Team India had qualified for the Super 6 after winning the first three games of the group stage. Team India also played two Super 6 matches, winning both matches and reaching the semi-finals. The Indian team then achieved a spectacular victory in the semi-finals. In such a situation, Team India is considered a big contender to win this final.

Squads of both teams for the final

Indian Under-19 Team Uday Saharan (captain), Sachin Dhas, Arshin Kulkarni, Aravelli Avneesh (wicketkeeper), Adarsh ​​​​Singh, Inesh Mahajan (wicketkeeper), Rudra Patel, Priyanshu Moliya, Mohammad Aman, Musheer Khan, Soumya Pandey, Ansh Gosai, Dhanush Gowda, Aaradhya Shukla. , Raj Limbani, Naman Tiwari, Prem Deokar, Murugan Abhishek.

Australian under-19 team Hugh Wiebgen (captain), Harry Dixon, Ryan Hicks (week), Charlie Anderson, Corey Wasley, Aidan Hay Connor, Harkirat Bajwa, Oliver Peak, Harjas Singh, Sam Konstas, Rafe McMillan, Tom Straker, Callum Vidler, Tom Campbell, Mahali Beardman, Lachlan Aitken.

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