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Txuri-urdin fans want to make money from Oyarzabal

Many fear that he will not regain his best version and do not see the scenario of a possible sale as bad.

Injuries are always a challenge in elite sport. Cruciate ligament surgery is a slap in the chin, especially in football. Many months of work and effort, in many cases never to return to pre-injury levels. It happens to Mikel Oyarzabal, captain of Real Sociedad.

Captain Txuri Urdin worked tirelessly for many months and managed to end the injury. However, The reality is that it is not the same Oyarzabal. The fear of a relapse or simply not having reached optimal form leaves us with a completely normal footballer for the moment. Not the super player he was before he got hurt.

Mikel Oyarzabal’s return is not going as expected

It might be time to sell Oyarzabal

The possibility of selling Oyarzabal has been discussed several times. What if Manchester City, what if Juventus… and Athletic. The Lions have always had their eye on the Real Sociedad captain. In fact, in some contract extensions there was one clause for Athletic and another for the others.

Well then. There are Real Sociedad fans who are starting to debate whether it’s a good idea to make money. In fact, it no longer matters if he is sold to Athletic. The general consensus is that Oyarzabal won’t be back to the highest level he was before the injury, so outsmarting the eternal rival doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Fear of sports with Urko González

Especially because another problem with another Zubieta talent is now becoming apparent. An Urko González who always surprises both teammates and rivals. His career is on the rise and shows a development that exudes talent and determination. But Real Sociedad’s jewel has a big problem: he plays in the same position as Zubimendi.

This circumstance could lead to the captain being sold to face a complicated renewal with Urko González, who will certainly be on Athletic’s agenda.. It is clear that they will wait for their captain at Real Sociedad. We’re just in front of the feeling of some fans.

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