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Two young men sentenced to ten years in prison for posting a video of them dancing without a veil in the center of Tehran

Condenados a diez años de prisión dos jóvenes por publicar un vídeo bailando sin velo en el centro de Teherán

An Iranian court has sentenced a young couple of 21 and 22 years to ten and a half years in prison for posting on social networks a video dancing in Azadi Square – Freedom Square – in the center of Tehran. She was not wearing a veil.

Section 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court considers Amir Ahmadi and his partner, Astiaj Haghighi, to be guilty of the crimes of "promotion of corruption" Y "conspiracy against national security and to spread propaganda" against the Islamic Republic, according to the Iranian news portal in exile IranWire.

The judgment, dated January 29further prohibits the defendants from having Internet activity and leaving Iran for two years after they complete their sentences.

Women are prohibited from dancing in the street and the case is even more serious for doing it with a man, even if it is, as in this case, her fiancé.

The two were detained on November 1 by plainclothes officers who beat them and took them to Section 209 of the Intelligence Ministry, according to critical Iranian media. Neither of them had the assistance of a lawyer during the trial, as is their right, and their request for bail was rejected. The families of both would have been pressured by the authorities so that they did not talk about the case.

More than 500 people have been killed and 18,000 have been arrested in the latest wave of protests, which began in September as a result of the death of Iranian-Kurdish Mahsa Amini after being arrested for allegedly wearing the Islamic headscarf incorrectly. About twenty protesters have been sentenced to death since the start of the protests and four have already been executed.

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