Two triples give Real Betis half a salvation

Shannon Evans can be worth it to Coosur Real Betis the Salvation. His 29 points against Urbas Fuenlabrada They are oxygen for a team in full revival, which won its fifth game of the last six (77-82), and leads the Madrid team to suffer the last three days to save themselves.

The Fernando Martín final was verdiblanca thanks to the American point guard with a Guinean passport, who scored them in all colors and had Dominican Eulis Báez as a key ally in the final part (10 points and 10 rebounds) to advance his rival in the standings , although Betis has one more game.

Betis smiles and Fuenlabrada begins to bite his nails. In a fundamental match, in which the fans threw themselves into receiving their players two hours earlier in the parking lot and turning the Fernando Martín into a cauldron, theirs failed to win, and they have now gone four days without winning. They only have one win over relegation, and if Burgos beat Barça this Sunday, they will become part of one of the two danger spots.

Betis came out for the match. Anzejs Pasecnicks and Vitto Brown put a 0-5 Betis start, but the people from Madrid were quick to react. What followed was a fast-paced duel between two teams that not only risked their lives, but also gave away good basketball. If Dairis Bertans exhibited a doll, he imitated Obi Emegano. If Leo Meindl won the basket to score with one hand, Evans went into the kitchen to add a 2+1… The 20-21 that closed the first quarter said it all.

The scoring festival changed into a Spartan second quarter. Hard defenses that caused three and a half minutes without baskets. Pablo Almazán unblocked it with a triple, to which Kyle Alexander responded with a one-handed mate. Amidst so much tension, the people from Fuenlabrada won a partial 8-0, which in just one minute came back from Betis at the hands of BJ Johnson. The 35-32 break predicted a fast-paced second half.

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Evans’ 2+1 as soon as he returned from the locker room was a mirage, because Fuenlabrada’s response was a quick 7-0 with layups by Ziga Samar, triple and basket by Kwan Cheatham (44-35, min. 23). Luis Casimiro stopped the game and his team regained its composure on defense, while Evans continued to produce on offense.

The American was pure dynamite for Betis -to the point that 14 of the 24 Verdiblancos points in the third quarter were his- and when Bertans joined him, almost absent since his third foul, they generated a storm of four triples in just over a minute that turned the scoreboard at the close of the third (52-56).

The locals quickly recovered ground, but Betis took advantage of personal fouls to stay ahead, and Jovan Novak chaining a layup with a triple, equalized the score. With Alexander’s 64-62 (min. 33) Casimiro stopped it again, and just after Emegano hit another triple.

Báez and Sasha Cvetkovic, and Evans, twice, also responded from the 6.75-meter line, making it 74-76 with the last minute remaining. The value of those triples would be incalculable, because Fuenlabrada missed the next attack and Báez sentenced again from the perimeter, making it 74-79 with 30 seconds left.

The Dominican’s success was definitive. Novak’s basket and subsequent free throws were worth little. Betis added its eleventh victory, which it celebrated in the stands with some thirty Verdiblanco fans transferred to Fuenlabrada, with which it provisionally overtakes the locals (the people from Madrid have one less game), while three very tough days await Fuenlabrada, with visits to Andorra and Burgos.

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