Two suspects arrested for the “homicide” of a French couple in Mexico

More than 50 days after the disappearance of a French couple living in Mexico, local police have found two suspects. The French authorities had confirmed on October 5 the disappearance of two French nationals in Mexico. The French Embassy in Mexico City has not yet confirmed whether the victims are Assya Madjour and Michel Amado.

The spouses, married in May in Valladolid (Mexico), were installed in this city of Yucatán, where they manage two hotels intended for tourists and rooms for several years. The 50-year-old woman has been in the country for more than two years, while the 57-year-old man has lived there for 15 years.

The suspects used a cell phone of the couple

Since September 12, the fifty-year-old couple had given no sign of life to their relatives who live in the Basque Country. Their fate had been deemed “very worrying” by their families, who feared “a kidnapping”.

By “using a cell phone of the couple”, the alleged murderers made believe that the two French “were on a trip to the state of Chiapas” hundreds of kilometers from Yucatán. The two suspected perpetrators, aged 34 and 41, were arrested in central Mexico. Since 1964, 106,000 people have gone missing in Mexico.

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