Two spectators killed by a car at a rally in Belgium

Two teenagers died this Sunday hit by a car that left the road during a rally near the town of Wanze, a town located between Namur and Liège, in Belgium, according to the organizers.

The two victims, a 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man, were hit by a car which, according to the Condroz-Huy rally website, "he left the road and hit a small parapet before going into the flank, colliding with a group of spectators who were in an area prohibited to the public".

"An expert said the road was slippery"Renaud Xhonneux, spokesman for the Liège prosecutor’s office, told AFP.

The pilot and his co-pilot underwent breath tests that were negative and the investigation tried to determine whether or not the two victims were in an area authorized for the public.

Xhonneux mentioned "wounded" in the accident. However, he did not indicate the exact number.

The organizers, who declared "mourning" on their website and sent their condolences to the families of the deceased, they specified that one of the pilots and another person were taken to hospital, but that their lives were not in danger.

The rally was suspended as a result of the tragedy and therefore its last test was cancelled, as well as the awards ceremony.

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