“Two Red Bull out and we can get the double podium”

Nice sunny Thursday at Spielberg, the calm before the storm, with Alonso and Sainz together at the FIA ​​press conference. It is the perfect occasion to ask: when will there be two Spanish drivers on a Formula 1 podium? Carlos responds to AS and puts the brown on himself: “Fernando gets on the podium every week so it’s my fault (laughs). I hope that sooner rather than later I can join one of those podiums and we celebrate together, which would be a good thing for Spain.oh for us We have always been good friends and have had a lot of respect for each other.” Alonso intervenes humorously: “Two Red Bull out… and we could get it sooner.”

The brief episode exemplifies once again that the relationship between Carlos and Fernando is optimal. Yes, they fight for close positions and meet at starts and during races. The competitive tension exists, but it does not leave the asphalt. All without entering the string of articles and fake news that are published on certain websites related to the two pilots and their personal situation. Alonso resolves it: “We have known each other for a long time, we are good friends on and off the track. There is a lot of nonsense. As this year I have a competitive car we fight closer on the track. In Spain… we are like that. Unfortunately, the level of journalism in Spain is low. Not for you, but in general. So we tried to avoid some things there, unfortunately.”

Sainz also settles: “You don’t have to come to a press conference to prove it, you can see it in any ‘drivers parade’ in which we coincide or in the paddock. The relationship is as always. It is true that this year we fight for similar positions, but for me what happens on the track always stays there, I know how to separate and Fernando too. We are mature enough to know this and we are enjoying the moment, it is a good moment for Formula 1 in Spain. The interest is enormous, and annoying it with nonsense that comes from people who want to do something bad is not worth it, nor is it worth giving my attention or commenting on it.

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Improvements at Ferrari, hope at Aston Martin

On the sporting front, which is the important thing, Ferrari brings developments to the Austrian GP that can contribute to improving the SF-23. New ground and something else that will be confirmed this Friday and in which Sainz has a lot of confidence: “We are trying to take steps forward and here, with the package we bring, we will try to improve performance. We may see progress compared to Canada, but I still think that track suits us better than Austria. “There is a very big gap between Red Bull and us. To think that we are going to cut it with an improvement is naive and surreal. If we can get close, yes, but if Red Bull brings an improvement soon the same thing will happen. It’s always relative in F1. The Barcelona package opens up a new development window for us, but it would be too optimistic to expect that we can be balanced with Red Bull, seeing how competitive they are. It will not be easy because they have finished with any opposition, but we will try”.

Aston Martin does not bring that kind of improvements because they have already arrived in Montreal, and now it is time to refine them to continue extracting benefits. “Hopefully we can explore the package, because in Canada the weekend was very short with the cancellation of Free Practice 1. Here it will also be short, with just a few free practices, but hopefully we can try some things. The 9.5 seconds with Red Bull? We have to wait for different circuits. In Montmeló we were 55 seconds or a minute behind the leader. It will depend on the circuit. I hope we can get closer, yeah Red Bull is in its own league and it is more interesting for us, Mercedes and Ferrari, to keep fighting against them. It’s still hard to believe we’re in that fight, we didn’t expect it at the start of the season so we enjoy every weekend.”

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