Two passengers offloaded before the plane took off, what was the reason?

Two passengers offloaded before the plane took off, what was the reason?

New Delhi: Two passengers have been arrested for allegedly abusing a female crew member in an Indian airline SpiceJet.

According to Indian media reports, for the past few months Indian Airlines Companies The headlines are sometimes due to technical problems in the flight, sometimes due to the emergency landing issue.

However, this time a case of mistreatment of female staff has come to light and the incident was reported in a SpiceJet plane.

According to the report, the flight of Spicejet was going from Delhi to Hyderabad that during the boarding, a passenger misbehaved with the female crew, not only that, the passenger also disturbed the cabin crew.

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The incident was immediately reported to the security personnel who took the two passengers off the plane and took them into custody and handed them over to the airport authorities.

It should be noted that there are frequent incidents of alleged misbehavior in the Spice Jet flight from New Delhi to Goa on the 5th of this month. Two foreign passengers allegedly misbehaved with a female flight attendant on the first flight.

Another similar incident took place in an Air India flight last year which has been making headlines till now, where a male passenger urinated on a female passenger in the flight.