Two nurses who played soccer save the referee’s life

Two nurses who were playing a soccer match have saved the referee’s life in Madrid. The 73-year-old man was refereeing a women’s soccer match and After suffering a cardiac arrest, he collapsed in the field, according to Madrid Emergencies. The events occurred at the Canal de Isabel II sports facilities.

The 73-year-old man has saved his life thanks to the quick action of the two women, who were disputing the match. After collapsing in the field they performed the pertinent resuscitation and cardiac massage maneuvers and they called 112 asking for a defibrillator. The man has recovered his pulse and consciousness and has been transferred to the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

“The two nurses knew how to perform resuscitation maneuvers. They have applied the perfectly established chain of survival. After five or six minutes the patient regained consciousness. He has been transferred in a practically perfect neurological state. It is the clearest example that the chain of survival works”, commented Ervigio Corral, SAMUR-PC supervisor.

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