Two new insects introduced as part of human diet in Europe

The European Union has approved the sale of mealybug larvae (maggots) and shrimp as part of human consumption.

According to foreign media reports, larvae and shrimp will be the third and sixth types of insects to be sold to people as food in Europe, while eight more such applications are awaiting approval.

According to the report, food production also emits harmful gases and these gases are responsible for a quarter of global warming. Livestock emit methane gas, which is short-lived in the atmosphere but is an important greenhouse gas.

On the other hand, forests have to be cut to make pastures for cattle, and then three-fourths of the crops grown are used to feed the cattle.

If fried chicken and insects replace meat-based steaks and hamburgers, this alternative could play a role in saving various animals from extinction and preventing climate change.

In this regard, Tim Searchinger, technical director of the food program at the World Resources Institute, an American environmental research organization, said that dealing with the increasing demand for meat products worldwide is such a big challenge that we need to find a sustainable solution. Some tactics will have to be tried.

The European Commission’s inclusion of these two new types of insects in food does not necessarily mean a change in dietary choices, but it is a step towards improving health as well as improving the environment.

In this context, the European Commission said in a tweet last week that no one will be forced to eat these insects.

The rules regarding the inclusion of insects in food clearly state that edible insects (larvae and larvae) are safe for consumption only by people who are not allergic to them.

In addition, food and drink items, which include insects as food, have been mandated to be labeled with information in this regard.

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