It is an adventure that they will not soon forget. Two inhabitants of the Solomon Islands, archipelago of Oceania, were rescued after spending 29 days lost at sea, reports The Guardian, Friday October 8. On September 3, the two men were traveling aboard a seven-meter boat, between two islands in the unpredictable Solomon Sea. But a few hours after the start of their outing, they are caught in a storm and lose sight of the land.

They must then face extreme conditions “in pouring rain, thick black clouds and strong winds”, detailed one of the two victims on Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation television, reports The Independent. The situation worsens for both navigators as their GPS runs out of battery and night approaches. They then turn off the engine of their boat to save fuel, spending the first night in the wind and rain, while their boat drifts on the Solomon Sea.

Rainwater and coconut

The wait for the two men to be rescued will last 29 days. For the first nine days, the sailors fed on the oranges they had brought for the trip. Once their reserves were exhausted, they survived thanks to rainwater, coconuts “and our faith in God because we pray day and night”, details one of the two castaways who continues: “After several days , because we prayed, God gave us the idea to build a device for sailing “.

They then build a mast-shaped structure “using paddles and canvas” before setting “the sails following the direction of the wind”. A system that takes their boat to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, more than 400 kilometers from their starting point, says The Guardian. There, they are spotted by a fisherman who puts an end to their long drift. The two men are now waiting to be repatriated to the Solomon Islands.


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