Two hyenas tested positive for Covid-19 at Denver zoo

Two resident hyenas at the Denver Zoo in Colorado (United States) have tested positive for Covid-19 in recent days, according to information from The Guardian relayed by LCI. Ngozi and Kibo, the two animals, aged 22 and 23, show mild symptoms. The zoo team noted mild lethargy and a cough, the facility manager said.

While these were the first hyenas to test positive for coronavirus, other animals have contracted the disease in the zoo. In the past few weeks, eleven lions and two tigers have tested positive. There were no complications. The felines are either healed or on the road to recovery.

“The highest level of care and precaution”

“We now know that many other species may be susceptible to Covid-19 based on multiple reports, and we continue to use the highest level of care and precaution when working with all of our 3,000 animals and 450 different species, ”the zoo said in a statement.

The cases of contamination of animals listed are numerous in the United States. Last September, six lions and three tigers tested positive at the Washington Zoo. Several Atlanta gorillas have also shown symptoms of the disease after coming into contact with a guard who carries the virus. A vaccine developed by the specialist firm Zoetis was administered to primates.

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