Twitter’s wings are clipped in Europe

This is the latest controversy involving the controversial Elon Musk and Twitterthe social network that the billionaire has finally taken over for a value of $44 billion. He owns it after months of wrangling in one of the most unusual corporate takeover battles.

In his first hours in office, It has fired its top managers. Among them, the CEO, Parag Agrawaland the head of legal policy, trust and security vijaya gaddeaccording to media such as New York Times either Washington Post. This decision comes a day after Musk announced to staff members that will not lay off 75% of workers as I had originally intended to do.

Thus, each shareholder of the company will receive 54.20 dollars for each share. So Twitter will become the property of Musk. In addition, the American tycoon has announced the changes that he is going to implement in the content moderation policies. of the social network. For its part, it bets on a greater freedom of expression.

The bird flies according to EU rules

The European Commission’s Internet Market Commissioner Thierry Breton wrote to him on Twitter, offering a passive-aggressive emoji wave salute: “In Europe, the bird will fly by our rules.” [emoji de la bandera de la UE]. #DSA.”

DSA is a reference to the Digital Services Act, also known as the new e-commerce and digital services rules bloc reset that is intended to drive accountability in internet businesses by setting governance expectations about how they handle social risks like illegal speech.

In this way, Breton warns Musk that his platform must comply with European rules, so the freedom of the bird is relative.

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