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Twitter’s new ad feature: next crypto integration with dogecoin?

 Dogecoin to Twitter?  New clue discovered

On Friday, X, or Twitter, introduced an option for so-called ‘ads revenue sharing’. Eligible users can earn money creating content on the social media platform from now on. This has been coming for a while and is therefore no surprise, but the big question now is whether X will also make payments with crypto. And if so, with which crypto assets?

Ad revenue sharing on Twitter

First, we need to clarify something. It has been possible for Twitter users to make payments with crypto since April 2022. This has everything to do with the payment platform Stripe. This platform has had a crypto integration since April 2022. So technically, Twitter has been facilitating crypto payments for some time now.

But with the ‘ads revenue share’ option, where users benefit from X’s advertising revenue, creators can earn much more on the platform. However, only users with a minimum of 15 million impressions in the last three months, a minimum of 500 followers and the blue verification are eligible for ad revenue.

For this reason, the possibility of crypto payments is only now starting to become really relevant. Elon Musk, the owner of X, makes no bones about it: he is a big crypto fan, especially dogecoin (DOGE). He also bought bitcoin (BTC) with his company Tesla in the past and enabled payments with bitcoin. So the big question now is whether Musk will do the same with X.

Crypto as bitcoin and dogecoin to X?

In anticipation of a possible crypto integration, the price of dogecoin has already risen sharply in the past week. Many investors consider it likely that if X integrates crypto, it will become dogecoin. A few months ago, Musk changed Twitter’s logo to dogecoin’s dog logo for a day.

For now, it’s all speculation. The crypto exchange Kraken speculated on X already about a potential bitcoin integration. Either way, it would benefit crypto adoption on a global scale.

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