Twitter will delete inactive accounts: relatives of deceased people oppose loss of their memories

Elon Musk announced that Twitter plans to delete accounts, but will not focus on those with undesirable content or that promote misinformation, but on delete inactive accounts

“We are removing accounts that have had no activity for several years, so the number of followers will likely decrease”Musk said in a tweet.

The way Musk’s tweet is worded makes it sound like the company is actively in the process right now, and that’s a huge problem for Twitter and its users, if it is.

On the one hand, What counts as activity? Many Twitter users don’t tweet; they log in only to read content from the accounts they follow.

According to official Twitter policy, the company considers an account inactive if the user does not log in for 30 days. However, Twitter has rarely, if ever, taken action against user accounts for simply not logging in for a month.

But Twitter users, even Musk fans, had one more concern: Twitter accounts belonging to deceased persons.

It is evident that deceased famous people have not been connected for years. Deleting inactive accounts would delete their accounts and any history associated with them. And, of course, there are accounts belonging to deceased relatives that many users revisit to remember.

In a tweet, Musk seemed to say that deceased celebrities would be taken into account. However, this doesn’t seem to address users’ concerns about deceased loved ones who aren’t famous people.

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It’s unclear whether Twitter will get in on the action. Perhaps Musk’s tweet was just a scare tactic to get users back into their accounts. If it were to increase monthly active user stats to attract advertisers, this would certainly be a way to do it. We’ll know soon enough.

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