Twitter war of words with Greta Thunberg, location of boxer wanted in rape case revealed

Andrew Tate, who was wanted by the police in a human trafficking case and whose activity on Twitter, was arrested after the police raided and detained Andrew Tate, the famous climate activist Greta Thunberg, and social media influencer Andrew Tate exchanged lewd remarks. Police confirmed their location.

Two days ago, a bitter exchange between Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and social media influencer and ex-boxer Andrew Tate on the social networking website Twitter caught people’s attention.

In a tweet, Andrew addressed Greta and proudly wrote, “I own 33 cars including a Bugatti and 2 Ferraris. Send me your email address so I can list my cars and detail their huge carbon footprint.” I can send you

Greta was furious after seeing the tweet and gave a nasty reply to Andrew.

It should be noted that Greta, while discussing environmental issues, blames the transport and aviation sector.

In 2019, instead of flying to a climate change conference, Greta arrived in Spain by sea for 14 days, which attracted worldwide attention.

Now he has responded angrily to Andrew’s tweet, Twitter users have appreciated his response and termed it absolutely correct.

In response, Andrew posted a video in which he described Greta as the mastermind of world powers.

During all this discussion, Andrew’s location was confirmed by the Romanian police who had already ambushed Andrew in a human trafficking case.

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Romanian police raided Andrew’s home in Pipera, Romania and detained both him and his brother.

The raid was carried out by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism in Bucharest, which had been investigating the human trafficking case for two years.

The case, which came to light in 2021, revealed a criminal ring that was transporting girls to Romania on the pretense of marriage and was involved in their purchase and sale.

Andrew Tate was also a suspect in the case and was accused of human trafficking, sexual assault and kidnapping of a teenage girl.

In addition to Andrew, 4 more people were detained in this raid on the night of December 29.

Police say their Twitter discussion played a key role in Andrew’s arrest, with a location that led police to believe the brothers were in the country, including a pizza box on a table in the video. Appears to be ordered from a local pizza shop.

Andrew was also arrested in April of the same year after what Andrew explained was a police raid on his house based on a misunderstanding.

According to Andrew, the police searched the house and returned after finding no hostages, however I had to go to the police station for paperwork, and was back only 45 minutes later.

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