Twitter is a social media platform that was founded by Jack Dorsey. He is known for being a true Bitcoiner and therefore seems to be open to everything else blockchain technology has to offer as well. It was recently announced that Twitter is rolling out the feature to send bitcoin (BTC) to users. Now it goes one step further.

The social media platform wants to give users the opportunity to non-fungible tokens (NFT) as a profile picture. Of course you can already set any image you want as your profile picture, but if you own a rare NFT and want to have it as a profile picture, you can’t really prove that you actually own the NFT.

That’s why Twitter is coming soon with a new feature. This feature allows users to link their crypto wallet to their Twitter account. The user can then choose an NFT that is in a wallet as profile picture. Then the profile picture gets the icon of the blockchain on which this NFT is located, so that the NFT is automatically verified! In a short video, Twitter’s head of consumer marketing shows how it works.

Users will also be able to display other NFTs they have. In a new “Collectible” tab, Twitter users can launch a digital gallery containing all their digital artworks.

The NFT feature was already named when Twitter launched its bitcoin transfer feature. Jack Mallers, CEO of bitcoin investment and payment firm Zap, revealed last week that the feature is live. More and more Twitter users can now send each other bitcoin via the Lightning Network. In this article you will find a video of what that looks like!

NFTs are a real hype at the moment. They are unique crypto tokens to which you can link all kinds of things, such as digital artworks, tweets and photos. Because the NFT is on the blockchain, it can also be truly unique. In addition, thanks to the transparent nature of blockchain, the owner can prove that he or she actually owns the NFT.


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